Point Reyes National Seashore
Guided Nature Tour

Over 100 square miles of national park to explore with an experienced naturalist, located about 1 hour north of San Francisco. Enjoy 3-mile sand beaches, marine mammal haul-out sites, San Andreas Rift Zone & Earthquake Trail, Kule Loklo (a restored Miwok Indian village), and the Park's award-winning Visitor Center. Ideal for birders, rockhounds, wildflower enthusiasts, camera buffs as well as city-weary visitors seeking an all-day nature escape.

Point Reyes Peninsula
The rugged Point Reyes Peninsula, just an hour from San Francisco

Various distinct habitats include: redwood, Bishop pine and Douglas fir forests, prairie and rangeland, coastal scrub, beaches, tide pools, and marshland.

Pt. Reyes—A Birder's Paradise

Birdwatching at Pt. Reyes is a birder's paradise with almost 50% of all North American birds spotted. The PRBO (Pt. Reyes Bird Observatory) has operated in the park since 1966 at the Palomarin Field Station (open to the public).

With binoculars supplied on the tour, catch sight of western birds and rare species not seen elsewhere. Visit the field station's biologists; go on a "net run" to collect perching birds netted for recording species identification, banding, aging, first aid, if needed, and release.

Point Reyes, CA, Great Blue Heron
A Great Blue Heron

Visit the 1906 Earthquake Epicenter

Investigate the Pt. Reyes Rift Zone, epicenter of the San Francisco 1906 earthquake, on the informative Earthquake trail, about a half-mile loop.

Seasonal Whale Migrations at Pt. Reyes

Finally, since the famous Pt. Reyes lighthouse extends almost 10 miles from the California coast, observe whales passing by on migration: California Gray and Northern Pacific Humpback, or, nearby, elephant seals, in season, hauling out on beaches.

Point Reyes Beach
Point Reyes extends almost ten miles out to sea, with magnificent beaches

Pt. Reyes Tour Details

Daily rates apply.

8 hours: Daily, 9 am.

$200 - Per Adult. (Dollar amounts for tours are listed simply as guidelines for the various A Day in Nature tours.)
$175 - Per Senior (60+); Per Child (12 or under)

Or, combine with the Napa Valley Wine Tour for an all-day wine-country-and-seashore escape from the city.

Convenient, front-door pickup from downtown San Francisco hotels and nearby neighborhoods. Tours run in a sport utility vehicle. Binoculars, water & light refreshments supplied on the tour. Extra jackets, parkas, rain gear & hats available on the tour. Tours are never strenuous unless you insist! Fully licensed and insured.

We're sorry, but pets cannot accompany their owners on tours.

Contact Colin Sloan at A Day in Nature with questions or to book your tour, adayinnature@startmail.com, (415) 673-0548.