Naturalist-Led Tours of Muir Woods

Colin Sloan's 20 years of experience brings alive hidden wonders missed on self-guided walks. Using multi-sensory tactile techniques, sights, sounds and smells expand your awareness of Muir Woods National Monument. Although 80% of Muir Woods is covered in evergreen growth, seasonal variations unseen by others become visible in the redwood habitat.

Redwood Trees, Coastal Sequioia, Muir Woods National Monument
Picnic area and giant Coast Redwoods at Muir Woods

The Peace of the Ancient Redwoods

Slowing down to nature's pace, flowers, rocks and animals show up in personal contacts on the trail. Tours are scheduled away from crowds to heighten the quiet solitude of the Muir Woods.

John Muir's words: "This is the best tree-lover's monument that could possibly be found in all the forests in the world" last for years as you absorb a naturalist-led tour of Muir Woods.

Giant Coast Redwood at Muir Woods National Monument
Majestic redwoods, Muir Woods

A half-day tour includes 3 hours of naturalist-led guided tour. Never strenuous unless you insist, your personalized tour awaits—spotting rocks, birds, flowers and trees, bringing nature up close and personal. Whether generalist, hiker, photographer, etc., the tour plays to your background and interests.

Half-day rates apply.

3 hours: Daily, 9 am & 2 pm

$100 - Per Adult. (Dollar amounts for tours are listed simply as guidelines for the various A Day in Nature tours.)

$50 - Per Senior (60+), Per Child (12 or under)

The Muir Woods naturalist-led tour can be done alone as a half-day tour, or a full day in combination with another destination.

Muir Woods and Marin Headlands tours may be combined in one 4-1/2 hour tour at same rates.

Convenient, front-door pickup from downtown San Francisco hotels and nearby neighborhoods. Tours run in a sport utility vehicle. Binoculars, water & light refreshments supplied on the tour. Extra jackets, parkas, rain gear & hats available on the tour. Tours are never strenuous unless you insist! Fully licensed and insured.

We're sorry, but pets cannot accompany their owners on tours.

Contact Colin Sloan at A Day in Nature to book your tour,, (415) 673-0548